When Hope is Enough

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I never thought it would happen to someone I loved, but it did. Now here I sit, in this hard wooden fold out chair with its ugly green seat and backrest, next to Melissa’s hospital bed. My fingers intertwined with hers as I rest my forehead on her lifeless hand. This will be my seat for the next 8 weeks as I pray she will not die.

Melissa was 38 weeks pregnant with her third child when she became ill with COVID-19. When her condition deteriorates, doctors must rush to deliver the baby before starting Melissa on medication. Unfortunately, the medication is too late to prevent her COVID scarred lungs from failing. Melissa is sedated into a coma, and a ventilator takes over for her COVID ravaged lungs.

The nurses say that Melissa will not survive the illness. The doctors won’t say anything at all.

This is Melissa’s story. She is the one who suffered so horribly, but it is also my story.

I was not the patient in the bed;
I was The Mother in the Chair.

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